We're the only in-home tutoring service that guarantees one-on-one tutoring with a certified classroom teacher




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Maybe you're here because...

  • Your child struggles with motivation or focussing in class and with homework

  • Your child is doing pretty well in school but they need to step it up for University or College Admission

  • You’ve worked with learning centres and felt you were not getting the one-on-one attention needed

  • Your child has an IEP in school and you’re concerned they’re falling behind

  • Your child is losing confidence because they’re getting poor grades

  • You’ve worked with other tutors who didn’t motivate or challenge your child

  • You don’t want to take the chance with a program that doesn’t work

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all your child needs is the personal attention

of a professional tutor

We're the only in-home tutoring service that guarantees one-on-one customized tutoring with a certified classroom teacher 

Certified teachers are trained professionals who are passionate about helping your child succeed. Teachers understand what's happening in your child's classroom.  They know how to motivate and explain in many ways. They have strategies in their back pocket.  Teachers are mentors, educators, and your child's partner in education. 

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specialists available for:

Reading, writing, math, english, French, biology, chemistry, physics, advanced functions, calculus and vectors, algebra, ESL


Let's match your child with a tutor:

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we work together with you and your child to create a customized plan that suits their learning goals and style.

Picture this:

  • Your child looks forward to going to school again

  • You no longer dread phone calls home from the school because behavior and grades have improved

  • Your child’s confidence skyrockets

  • Your son or daughter is more organized and responsible, and has developed a plan for success this school year

  • You have peace of mind knowing learning gaps are filled, and needs are met

  • No more homework battles

Your son or daughter deserves the opportunity to learn, understand, and feel confident!  

That's where we come in.



Connecting with the perfect tutor is easy

Here's How This Works:

1. Assess

With a free phone consultation, we take a comprehensive approach to understand your child’s learning needs, and we create a program that works for you and your child.

2. Connect

We connect you with an Ontario Certified Teacher who’s a good match for your child’s personality and learning needs. A free meet and greet is arranged to ensure fit.

3. Tutor

The mentoring and tutoring program is based on what your child needs.  Homework and supplemental activities are provided to fill in the gaps and to create confident kids!

4. Support

We support your child and your family by checking in regularly, and providing reports on your child’s progress.



You're done waiting. And really done with the homework battles.

Now is the best time to take this important step in your child's education and future. Success is 100% possible!

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